The Real Jesus.


This video is a good learning tool. It asks very provocative questions, and offers very similar conclusions, with  some skepticism. Never the less, the questions are valid. This is a very good video, and series.  Very Much can be gained by watching, and absorbing the information available in this series from the History Channel!  It will be eye opening, and perhaps liberating as well.

It is my personal conviction however, that there is only one way to know Yehoshua of Natser, and that is by the power of the Holy Ghost!  To Rationalize Jesus Christ, or the Bible, will not cause you to Know Him.  The Spirit will reveal Him.  I believe Paul Tillich said, “Jesus is Not to be Rationalized, but is to be Experienced!”  He is not just an intellectual idea, He is the One who rose from the dead, and is Alive! This can only be realized by the Holy Spirit!


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