If You Are Discouraged, This Is For You!! This Will Make You Shout. God Is God, And That Won’t Ever Change!

People are hurting out there by the millions, whether it’s financial problems, a divorce, the loss of someone you love, or whatever the problem may be, God is God and that won’t ever change!!  He Loves You, and He will be Your Victory if you will hang on!  He will see you through your Darkest Hour!! I know, for I have been there.  This is for you, and He Will Come To Where You Are With A Broken Heart.  A broken Heart and a Contrite Spirit He Will Not Forsake.  Try Jesus if you do not know Him.  He will strengthen you and touch your broken Spirit.  He will apply a Healing Balm to your Soul.  God Bless You!

That’s the kind of God I serve part 1

part 2

Jimmyy Swaggart, I ll never be lonely again

We’ll Talk It Over In The By And By


He Loves You So Very Much, whether it is loneliness, a pain in your heart that you cannot describe, He knows it’s there!  Jesus will help you with it, I promise you that, turn to Him.  He’s been waiting for you.  God Bless your beautiful and tender heart.


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