I Don’t Need To Understand, I Just Need To HOLD His Hand.

I know in this age of man this is not an easily accepted concept.  For those who walk by Faith however, this is a great necessity.  The world walks by it’s wisdom alone!  Those with faith, which is pleasing to God, need this old gospel hymn, written by Magdalene Crocker.  A walk by faith is a Tough walk, maybe the hardest walk known to Man.  It is that however that God has honored through out the ages!  One of the Greatest Sermons Jesus ever taught was to Peter, and it was comprised of four words:  “Have FAITH IN GOD!”  No one in the Flesh wants to walk by Faith, it is considered an illusion by the world.  Faith is counted as Righteousness with God.  The way of the World is Enmity with God.  It is interesting also to note, that Jesus mentioned that at the time of His return would there be any Faith left in the World?  The world is cynical, and is anti faith.  As the writer of Hebrews so eloquently defined:  ” Now Faith is the Substance of things Hoped for, and The  Evidence of things Not Seen!”  So child of God, whatever you are going through today, Just Hold His Hand!  He Will Bring You Through!! You will come forth as Pure Gold!   No matter how bad it gets, keep fighting the Good Fight of Faith, the Apostle said this just before He was beheaded by the order of Nero in 68 A,D.  Close your eyes and sing this beautiful hymn, I promise you, you will feel His beautiful presence all over your being!  He will lift you in a way that only He can.  God Bless Your Beautiful Heart.  I’m listing two versions of this song one is about 30 years older than the other, but both powerful.

This is the one I listened and prayed with when I was a kid of 16 years old.  I wore this record out.  What a blessing that shaped me, and truly blessed me.


This is what the whole world is looking for, and they do not realize it, it is the Holy Ghost they crave, but do not know it!  The water He gives will cause them to never thirst again!!  God the Holy Ghost is the answer for the Whole World!  Amen, and Amen.


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