The Lord Yeshua, Jesus, Is Standing At The Door! His Coming is Nigh.

For those that have never felt the Presence of God, his Shekinah Glory, Now is your opportunity.  This is the Day of Salvation, it is time for all to  embrace his wonderful being!  Worship with my blessed brother in Christ Jesus, whether you like him or not.  The Holy Ghost is on this worship service.  He will come to where you are, and not only will touch you, but will Heal You, and bless your Life.We Love You, no matter what kind of life you have lived, or what you have done.  We’ve all had our conversation in the flesh. My very Daughter whom I love with all of my heart, told me:  “Dad I have prayed and never felt anything!”  My Father before He passed away told me that He had prayed and never felt anything.  I believe if you sing along with this little video you will feel His warm and loving presence.  If you worship Him.  Open your Heart now and allow Him to bless your Spirit.  God Bless You So Very Much!


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