Through It All, These Trials Only Come To Make Us Strong.

I am feeling so led of the Spirit this evening to reach out to those who are in a Struggle that is bigger than You. Jesus is the One. He will never forsake a broken heart, or a contrite spirit.  He Loves You So Very Much!  He is there where you are right now.  He will be Your Victory!  He will see You Through.  He is able to make a Man to Stand.  This video will bless You So Much.   An imperfect life, as all of our lives are,  I don’t care who you mention, they are not without sin.  This video will bless you and give you strength that you could never imagine. Through it all, I’ve learned to Depend Upon His Word.  Let Jesus help you today with whatever is happening in your life, He just wants the chance to show His great Love for you.  Whatever it is, He will bring you through.  I do not know who you are, but Jesus does.  I feel him moving on me very strong this evening for someone.  The Lord Jesus bless You, and comfort you with the power of the Holy Ghost. He Loves You So Very Much.  Let Him Bless You in the Name of Jesus I pray.


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