Satan Is The Cause Of This World’s Problems, Solution is the Blood Of Jesus, and the HOLY GHOST!

Watch this little video with an open heart and it will bless you so much.  The blood of Jesus, and the baptism in the HOLY GHOST is the answer for the whole world.  John the Baptist said, “He shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with Fire!” The Apostle Peter remembered this after what God did for Cornelius and his household.  No doubt worried about how he was going to explain this to James the brother of Jesus, that God had accepted the Gentiles.  The baptism in the Holy Ghost is the consummation of the New Covenant for all believers.  The POWER is in the HOLY GHOST! When you receive the mighty baptism in the Spirit there will be a manifestation, there will be a Spiritual Utterance of Prophecy or Other tongues!  This is represented through out the whole bible. Receive ye the Holy Ghost!  You will have the Power of God working with you in all things.  You will help to defeat Satan in the lives of others, in many different ways.  The Holy Ghost, which is the Spirit of Truth will teach you of the ways of Jesus.  He will lead you on a path to touch lives, and make a real difference!  God Bless you all in Name of Yeshua of Natser.


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