His Hand In Mine, Can You Feel His Hand In Your Hand? You Can!

Some years ago I was a cab driver in the third most frequented tourist city of the U.S.  I picked up a fellow, a huge man, about 6 foot 4 inches, and 280, rock solid, looked like a middle linebacker.  He went out to party with his friends, and all of them left him there. We began to talk further, and I could tell he was distraught about things.  When we were getting close to his destination, I asked him if would be alright if I played a Gospel Song for him, and he said yes.  He said but I’m a Catholic and I probably do not know it.  I said that’s OK, I think this song will bless your heart.  He responded, and began to weep, he told about his brand new baby girl, and I too have a daughter.  He said she was born without a strong connection between Her Spine, and Her brain.  He cried, and He said, but when I see her smile it touches me!  He said I just do not understand all of these things, but I do believe in Jesus.  I slipped in my CD of Jimmy singing this precious song, as it began to play this huge man broke.  He sobbed so hard it concerned me.  I put my arm around his shoulder and we prayed and wept together for his baby girl, and then we prayed for him.  God the Holy Ghost was so thick in my cab, I watched him as he walked to his Resort Door, and he stood there still broken and weeping.  So many people out there are hurting and need assurance that there is someone to care.  Tell them about Jesus!  I will never forget that experience and so many others as long as I live.  Now here was a sharp guy, full of money, and yet so hurting inside! This is why Jesus said, “A man’s life is NOT in the Abundance of things that He Possesses!  Put this gospel out there for it works!  There is absolute power in it through the Holy Ghost. Here is the song we played:



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