Let Me Thank You Lord Jesus, For Saving Me From What I Might Have Been.

For those of You that Love Jesus, have you ever pondered where you might be today had you never met Him? It is frightful for me to think of it.  Yet He gave me a Brand New Beginning, Let me Thank You Jesus Once Again, and Again. His Salvation is truly marvelous, and refreshing.  His mercies are Fresh Every Morning to all people.  I think of the Woman in St. John caught in the act of Adultery, whose penalty was to be stoned!  The crowd, to include the Priests of Jerusalem, said to Jesus, the Law says to stone Her, what do you say?  The Master said so beautifully, You without Sin Cast The First Stone!  They departed from Her, and the Lord Jesus asked Her while she was still laying on the ground where they threw Her, “Woman, where are thine accusers? Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more.”  How beautiful!  Jesus gave her a Brand New Beginning. What might any of us have been without Him?  Thank You Jesus from the bottom of my Heart for what you did that day that you revealed yourself to me.  I Love You Master for evermore. Enjoy this beautiful Song, sing it with my brother, and let it bless your heart as it has mine so many times.



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