Do You Need A Blessing From God? Here Is How You Get It!

Sometimes when we have prayed and prayed, and we have waited and waited, but the answer never comes through, then try this, Just Let Down Your Nets, and Wade Out In The Water, for HE IS POURING OUT THE LATTER RAIN!!!! Jesus told Peter to cast his net on the other side, so Peter Obeyed against his better sense so he thought.  Now he could not pull in all the fishes!!  I feel it, if You will Let Down Your Net, You Will Not Be Able To Contain it.  It’s time for the answer to come for you. This is for Someone, I feel it for Certain!! Worship with this beautiful choir, you will want to shout!  The Lord of Glory Bless You So Very Much.

Now some of you, and that includes myself need to sing this Song to God and make sure the Devil Hears Us! “I’m taking back Everything that the Devil Stole From Me!!”  This kid will bless your heart as He sings this Praise to God!


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