Gospel Parallels Of The Great Commission Given By Jesus.

70-80 CE                              68-72 CE                             75-85 CE                              90-110 CE

Matthew  28                          Mark  16                              Luke  24                              John  20

     It is worth noting the timing in which Jesus of Nazareth chooses to proclaim the forthcoming mission that He gives to his Apostles.  In all four accounts, He gives them the Great Commission, after the Resurrection, and before His Ascension!  In the accounts there are some agreements, and some differences.  The wording is much different, and the points of emphasis are different.  They all state however, to go and bring people into the Kingdom of God!  

    It is also important to note, that in “the most trustworthy family/s of ancient manuscripts,” the Great Commission contained in the Gospel of Mark is not present, that is Mark 16. 9-20.  This Commission appears in a late third to early fourth century latin manuscript.  It was confirmed as the “word of God,” during the Council of Trent in 1546, it was contained however, in the Latin Vulgate produced by Jerome in the late fourth century to early fifth century.  

16 Then the eleven              14 Afterward he                 46 And said unto                 20 And when he had

    disciples went away          appeared unto the            them, Thus it is                  so said, he shewed

    into Galilee, into               eleven as they sat             written, and thus it             unto them his hands

    a mountain where             at meat, and                      behooved Christ to            and his side. Then

    Jesus had appointed         upbraided them with        suffer, and to rise               were the disciples glad,

    them.                                 their unbelief and             from the dead the               when they saw the Lord.

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         hardness of heart,             third day:                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         because they believed      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         not them which had         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         seen him after he was      xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         risen.                               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

17 And when they saw        15 And he said unto           47And that repentance         21 Then said Jesus to them

   him, they worshipped        them, Go ye into all         and remission of sins          again, Peace be unto you:

   him: but some                   the world, and                  should be preached             as my Father hath sent me,

   doubted.                            preach the gospel            in his name among              even so send I you.

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        to every creature.             all nations, beginning          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       at Jerusalem.                       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

18 And Jesus came and     16 He that believeth and     48 And ye are witnesses       22 And when he had said

   spake unto them,              is baptized shall be           of these things.                  this, he breathed on them,

   saying, All power is          saved; but he that              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        and saith unto them,

   unto me in heaven            believeth not shall be        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        Receive ye the Holy Ghost:

   and in earth.                     damned.                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

19 Go ye therefore, and      17 And these signs             49 And, behold, I send        23 Whose soever sins ye remit,

    and teach all nations,       shall follow them that        the promise of my              they are remitted unto them;

    baptizing them in the       believe; In my name           Father upon you:               and whose soever sins ye

    name of the Father,          shall they cast out              but tarry ye in the              retain, they are retained.

    and of the Son, and          devils; they shall                City of Jerusalem,             xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    of the Holy Ghost:            speak with new                   until ye be endued with     xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        tongues;                             power from on high.          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 20 Teaching them to        18 They shall take up               xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     observe all things          serpents; and if they            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     whatsoever I have          drink any deadly thing,        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     commanded you:           it shall not hurt them;          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     and, lo, I am with           they shall lay hands            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     you always, even unto   on the sick, and they           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     the end of the world.      they shall recover.              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

     Amen.                            xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx         xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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