A Puzzle Comes Together

A Very Interesting Study. It is well expressed, and thought out. I encourage every visitor to peruse, and or study closely what this Brother in Christ has to say!

Rethinking Scripture

Thomas Jefferson

“A  studious persual of the sacred volume will make better citizens, better fathers, and better husbands”

When I was young I used to love putting together puzzles.  I admit I wasn’t that good but I did enjoy the challenge.  I would start with piecing together the border then begin working towards the middle.  I found that there are key pieces and when you find them and put them together the puzzle becomes much easier.

I use this same technique in understanding the Scriptures. When it comes to understanding Bible prophecy it is even more important to seek out the key pieces.  Those pieces will come together but it takes plenty of patience and longsuffering.

I started studying Biblical prophecy during my teen years.  Most of what I understood was from what I would hear other preachers expound on the subject.Over the last 10 to 20  years I have…

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