Majestic Messengers and Ministers

A Great, yet brief study, on the Archangels!! Worth your time to read and understand these great and powerful Ministering Angels.

Catholic Diocese of Arlington

This week, as we anticipate the Feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, we seek to learn more about these “majestic messengers and ministers” of God’s glory.

By: Rev. Robert J. Wagner, Secretary to Bishop Paul S. Loverde

We know from the Creed we confess each Sunday at Mass that God is the Creator of all things, both “visible and invisible.” The majesty of the visible world fills our senses as we revel in the glory of God found in the beauty of a sunset and the great expanse of an ocean, but to find the most glorious of God’s creation, we need to “look” into the realm of the invisible. It is there, hidden in our midst, that we find angels: purely spiritual beings created by God, who, like humans, are blessed with intellect and will, but who surpass all visible creatures in perfection (Catechism of the…

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