Treading On Dangerous Ground

Very Powerful. I have always believed this is why this nation is falling! Repent, it almost seems like “…the axe has been laid to the root…” already.


It is not often that I write about the visions that keep me awake, and burden my heart, during the darkest hours of the night, but, this night, I feel compelled to share, what God has revealed to me.

I have never heard a woman speak as boldly, or with such careless disregard as Hillary Clinton, regarding the lives of the unborn.

“The unborn person does not have constitutional rights.” ~Hillary Clinton

Firstly, this is a contradictory statement, as she refers to the unborn as a ‘person’, and this is an extremely important distinction, and is significant, as every person has the same constitutional rights.

Secondly, and much more disturbing, is the fact that she is ignoring that there is a much higher power and authority than the US Constitution.  How does one justify offending one of God’s little ones?

I can not imagine any greater offense than the taking…

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