Answer the door…

I am blessed to have read your work. Finally, someone who knows the True Spirit of Our Redeemer, and what He was all about! God Bless You Sister.

Shattered in Him

I was spending time with someone recently who had it on her heart to question why, when we need it the most, our friends and family are seemingly nowhere to be found.  Her face was contorted in a look of pain and she fought back to tears as she shared with me a bit of her history.  She said she had been reaching out to others in an attempt to create a network of people and was experiencing difficulty in getting a connection.

I could only nod my head as my heart was asking the very same questions. It called to mind the cries of David’s heart in the Psalm 142:4-5:

Look to the right and see: there is none who takes notice of me; no refuge remains to me; no one cares for my soul. I cry to you, O Lord; I say, “You are my refuge, my portion…

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