The Christian Church is Under Attack

A Powerful And Beautiful Testimony Amidst A Terrible Onslaught Against Christians.


Growing up as a Muslim in the USA was very difficult for me. I lived most of my impressionable years because of Islam with very low self-esteem because of Islam’s views and treatment of women. There was a huge difference in the way my Christian friends were applying their holy book, the Bible, and the way the Muslims I knew were applying their Quran.

In a study conducted by Mike Ghouse, “The Voice of Moderate Islam,” the study revealed that out of the 1.62 billion Muslims in the world, 584 million Muslims believe that I should be put to death for leaving Islam. But I did it anyway. When I studied Prophet Muhammad’s life, I found no hope, no future, and a ton of fear. It took many years of searching before I found Jesus. This did not happen overnight. When I finally found Jesus, it was not in religion…

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