Hello, and God Bless You so very much.  My name is Michael Seymour.  As is undoubtedly evident by the material put forth in our Blog, I am forever a student of the Bible.  I believe that the Bible contains the essence of God’s message to us in our human reality.  Do I believe that the Bible is Perfect? No I do not.  By reason of the fact that Humanity, with all of it’s many infirmities, are the writers.  God wrote the Ten Commandments, which are Perfect!  Do I believe that the message of the Bible is Perfect? Yes I Do.  The Message of God is Spiritual, metaphysical, and supernaturally Transcendent, if you will. The message of God is not bound by Space, and Time, as all of the Physical reality is.  The written word is a Vehicle, that transports the message to us. Sufficeth to say, for me, the Bible is more than Enough of what is needed to reveal to mankind the road we Should Follow. When I was a 15 year old young man I did not believe in God. Was I qualified at that time to make that decision? No.  I perceived no evidence though, that suggested to me that there was a God.  I had no religious training, no religious background in my very limited existence of 15 years.  I had gone to church maybe 3 times in my life.  I was baptized in a Lutheran Church when I was 7. That’s about it.  Then in early 1975 I had an experience that at the time I did not understand.

While watching a movie one night, my mother had already gone to bed, and my father was working the midnight shift, something beautiful happened to me. A commercial came on, so I flipped through the channels with our new remote, boy was it big.  I came upon a fellow standing in a small studio room, with a very little podium.  There was a piano, a set of drums, and a couple of guitars. He walked over to the piano and began to play and sing a Gospel song, so I stopped to watch a while.  I really wasn’t paying too much attention to him, or the words of the song, but I marvelled at how he could play the piano.

Well, I went back to the movie for a few minutes, and then decided to see if the other guy was still on the other channel.  Sure enough he was, and just as before he walked over to the piano and began to play and sing.  He paused in the song and this guy began to talk about his cousin Jerry Lee Lewis, I knew of him, and liked him.  All of a sudden the most beautiful Presence I had ever known swept all over me!  Tears filled my eyes, and began to flow off my face like a fountain. Well he finished the song, and I wiped the tears away, and was so glad that no one saw that.  I did not know why I cried except that I wanted to feel that presence more.  I did not know how, or why I felt it.  I did not know what it was, but I wanted it to happen to me again.  The thought never crossed my mind that I had just intersected with the presence of God.  I never told anyone about this experience, just kept it to myself.  A week or two went by and one of the neighbors who I delivered papers to started asking me to go to church with him.  I always said no of course.  I wasn’t interested in the slightest.  He kept after me though, every week asking me to go.  He was really starting to bug me to the point that I did not even want to deliver his paper anymore.

One saturday i quietly walked up the steps and laid his paper in front of the door, and what happened?  He opened the door.  I just couldn’t believe it.  He was cool though, and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  He said if I would go to church with him this one time, he would never ask me again!  So of course I said yes, just for relief of knowing I wouldn’t have to hear it anymore. So after papers Sunday morning, I got dressed and went to church with him. This was all so foreign to me, the people sang with enthusiasm, some wept, hands were raised, and they prayed out loud.  I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into?  Well the preacher asked for prayer requests, and they came forth, and he said let us pray.  While everyone was praying out loud, and I really thought these people were crazy, I bowed my head out of respect at least.  I then asked God a question, and I said, God, if you are God, are you real?  All of a sudden that beautiful, glorious, joyous, and comforting Presence began to flow all over me, just like it did before.  I immediately wiped the tears away, and thought that this is all just getting to me.  Then a second wave flowed all over me again but stronger.  I knew then, God Is Real, and I loved what I felt, it was indescribable.

I did not say much on the way home, but I was just pondering so many things, and was certainly overwhelmed with what I felt.  Well, when we got home, this fellow said, hey wait a minute, I have something for you.  He brought out a record album and gave it to me.  Told me to take it home and listen to it.  So when I got home I went to my room, and began to place the record on my stereo.  I noticed the picture on the front, and blurted out, hey that’s the guy I saw on TV, when I had first felt the presence of God. His name I am sure you know by now was Jimmy Swaggart.  I played that record, and learned the songs, that glorious presence all over me the whole while, so much so that many hours went by.  My young life took a very dramatic turn after that.  I knew I would never be the same again.  (more to come)


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  1. Amen brother! What a Great and Mighty God we serve! Beautiful testimony!!! I love how God uses people to get our attention! That’s so the God I know and Love! The 1st time I saw Jimmy Swaggart on television I was a little taken back by how he could be in tears 1 minute and break out into laughter the next. Today I know because when you are being filled with The Holy Spirit that’s what happens. God Bless you #richly brother! Sweet Blessings~~~

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