Study to show thyself approved….

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…unto God a Workman that needeth not to be ashamed, Rightly Dividing The Word Of Truth!  (Title, and Heading, 2 Tim 2.15 KJV).

I am forever a Student of the “Word of God,” the Bible. Having an insatiable hunger, and thirst, for it’s Truth, within the proper historical setting, and context. Both, from whence the Scriptures originated (were written), and then eventually came to us (became scripture).

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This is a work in progress, and has a few additions. This document is redacted daily. Check back from time to time, as it will have changed, and will contain more valuable information for study.

2 thoughts on “Study to show thyself approved….

  1. I am a forever student now, too! I have to keep coming back to digest some of this. I am going through a video series that has helped take my understanding of scripture, the Torah, and Hebrew deeper. Sometimes, I have to come up for air, but I love being full on the word!

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    • I thank Him. Outside of my daughter being born, and being filled with His Holy Spirit; being able to study Theology at a Secular University was the greatest thing I ever got to be a part of. I eat it up every day, and then there is always more to digest. God Bless You Much, and thank you for reading and studying at our site Sister. Keep up the good work, and if you have any questions shoot them over to me and I will get on it, and get answers for you.

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