Timeline for the History of the Apostle Paul

Timeline of Paul’s ministry

Date Life of Paul Contemporary Events
36 Paul’s conversion
37 At Damascus Death of TIBERIUS and accession of GAIUS (Caligula)
38 Flight from Damascus to Jerusalem, then to Tarsus
39 – 43 Paul preaches in Syria and Cilicia, making his headquarters in Tarsus. Death of Caligula; accession of CLAUDIUS. Judea and Samaria given to Herod Agrippa I. Invasion of Britain by Aulus Plautius.
44 Paul brought from Tarsus to Antioch; stays there one year before the famine. Death of Herod Agrippa I. Cuspius Fadus, procurator, succeeds to the government of Judea.
45 Visits Jerusalem with Barnabas to relieve the famine.
46 At Antioch Tiberius Alexander made procurator of Judea.
47 At Antioch
48 First Missionary Journey – from Antioch to Cyprus, Antioch of Pisidia, Iconium, Lystra, Derbe Agrippa II (Acts 25) made king of Chalcis.
49 … and back through the same places to Antioch Cumanus made procurator of Judea
50 Paul and Barnabas attend the Council of Jerusalem Caractacus captured by Romans in Britain; Cogdinus, father of Claudia (? 2 Tim. 4:21) assists the Romans in Britain.
51 Second Missionary Journey – from Antioch to Cilicia, Lycaonia, Galatia
52 … Troas, Philippi, Thessalonica, Berea, Athens, and Corinth (writes 1 THESSALONIANS) Claudius expels the Jews from Rome (Acts 18:2).
53 At Corinth; writes 2 THESSALONIANS Tetrarchy of Trachonitis given to Agrippa II; Felix procurator.
  • Spring: leaves Corinth and reaches Jerusalem at Pentecost; goes to Antioch
  • Autumn: Third Missionary Journey – goes to Ephesus.
55, 56 At Ephesus
  • Spring: writes 1 CORINTHIANS
  • Summer: leaves Ephesus for Macedonia where he writes 2 CORINTHIANS in Autumn.
  • Winter: goes to Corinth, writes GALATIANS
  • Spring: writes ROMANS, leaves Corinth, going by Philippi and Miletus to …
  • Summer: …Jerusalem at Pentecost. He is arrested and sent to Caesarea.
59 At Caesarea Nero murders Agrippina
  • Autumn: Sent to Rome by Festus
  • Winter: Shipwrecked at Malta
Felix is recalled and is succeeded by Festus
61 Spring: Arrives at Rome Embassy of Jews comes from Jerusalem to petition about the wall.
62 At Rome

  • Autumn: Writes PHILIPPIANS.
Burrus dies; Albinus succeeds Festus as procuratory of Judea; Nero marries Poppaea.
63 Paul acquitted at Rome; goes to Macedonia and Asia Minor Daughter Claudia born to Poppaea
64 Paul goes to Spain (?) Great fire at Rome; Roman Christians blamed and persecuted by Nero.
65 In Spain (?) Gessius Florus made procurator of Judea; conspiracy of Piso and death of Seneca.
66 Summer: from Spain (?) to Asia Jewish War begins.
  • Summer: Writes 1 TIMOTHY from Macedonia
  • Autumn: Writes TITUS from Ephesus.
  • Winter: At Nicopolis
  • Spring:In prison at Rome, writes 2 TIMOTHY
  • Summer: Paul executed at Nero’s orders.
Death of Nero in middle of June.

Sources: Cornelius Tacitus, The Annals of Imperial Rome and Agricola
Conybeare, W. J. and Howson, J. S., The Life and Epistles of St. Paul

Paul's First Missionary Journey Paul's Second Missionary Journey Paul's Third Missionary Journey Paul's Journey to Rome
From left to right: Paul’s three missionary journeys and his final journey to Rome.
Click each image to enlarge.


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